Remember who you are. One of Isaiah's primary tasks was to remind the people of God who they were. They were no ordinary run-of-the-mill ragtag outfit. They were God's own anointed. They were the chosen. Like the Marines, they were the few, the proud. We need to be reminded, sometimes, who we are too. We are God's people. We are those for whom Christ died. We belong to the best family in town--God's family.

Family membership is a real advantage in this world, is it not? When Senator Teddy Kennedy first ran for the Senate, his brother Jack was President, and his other brother Bobby was Attorney General.

According to one source Teddy told his brother the President that he thought he would change his name. It was too well known politically, he concluded, and he did not wish to hang on to the coat tails of his brothers. The President asked, "What name are you going to ask for?"

"Well," said Teddy, "I think I'll keep my first name. After all, I'm used to responding to that." "But for the last name I think I'd like Roosevelt." Well, Teddy Roosevelt would be a pretty nice name.

There would be certain advantages to being a Kennedy or a Roosevelt or a Rockefeller. Membership in a prominent family is helpful in this world. I want to say to all of us, however, there is an even greater advantage to those who know themselves to be a part of the family of God.