I remember a story about the little boy who went to church with his grandparents. His grandmother sat in the choir. It really disturbed her to see grandfather nod off to sleep every Sunday in the middle of the sermon. Finally, she decided on a plan. She gave her little grandson fifty cents each Sunday morning to poke grandpa in the ribs whenever he fell asleep. This plan worked until Easter Sunday morning. The church was packed. Grandmother was sitting in the choir. She noticed grandfather nodding off. However, Tommy made no effort to wake him. Grandfather even started snoring right there in the crowded Easter service. Still Tommy did nothing. After the service grandmother was quite disturbed. She said, "Tommy what happened? You knew I would pay you fifty cents after the service if you kept grandfather awake." Tommy said, "Yes Ma'am, but grandfather gave me a $1.00 to let him sleep."

You may remember in the last chapter of Matthew that some soldiers were paid a large sum of money to spread rumors that the disciples had stolen Jesus' body while they were asleep.

But Mark tells us a very different story. When the women got to the tomb much to their surprise the stone had already been rolled away. They entered the tomb and it was empty. And a young person, dressed in white clothes, said, "Do not be alarmed; you are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has been raised; he is not here."

Jesus is alive. Are you!