Henry Moorhouse tells of a lady who said to him, " I can't see how a person who has broken just one of the commandments can be as bad as another who has broken five or even all of them." Moorhouse explained to her that God had actually given only one law which consists of ten different parts. "Look at this watch of mine!" he said. "If you counted all its cogs, you would find many. If you ruined only one, you might leave the other parts in perfect condition, and yet this would be a broken watch and would no longer run."

The woman still couldn't see the point; so he said, "Suppose you were hanging over a canyon, suspended by a chain with ten links. If someone took a hammer and smashed every link, where would you go?" "To the bottom of the canyon, of course," she said. "But if he severed only one link, what would happen?" "Why, that would be just as bad," she said, "I'd still fall and be killed!" Suddenly she grasped the truth that whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

It is good to know that Jesus paid the price for our inablility to fulfull the whole law. God's love and grace abounds.