General George Patton once told about a Chinese national young man who enlisted in the American army in WWII. This fellow's unit was stationed in Louisiana. As luck would have it this Chinese soldier got lost on one of the Maneuvers. Being unable to speak English he couldn't ask where his outfit was located. He was stranded at a crossroads where he attempted to hitch a ride with any army vehicle of any unit. The problem was he tried to use his index finger to hitch a ride instead of motioning backward with his thumb.

You can guess what happened. An army convoy approached. The Chinese soldier pointed his index finger down one of the roads at the crossroads. The driver of the first vehicle didn't stop since he thought the soldier was directing traffic. When the convoy failed to stop, the young Chinese soldier moved to another road and with the next convoy pointed down the new road. According to Patton, in one afternoon, this soldier split army units so badly by pointing down one road and then another that it took them over a week to locate all of the troops! Troops, trucks and tanks were scattered all over Louisiana and Texas!

Some people spend their lives going first down one road and then another. They wander nowhere in particular and then wonder why they never get anywhere. The most important road we need to go down is the one that Christ is on. Then the rest of the pieces of our lives will fall into place.