God plays no favorites. The banquet table of God is open to every one of us. That is why some churches believe that when communion is served everyone is invited to participate. You don't have to wear certain clothes or have proper membership credentials. God calls all of us to participate.

I remember reading once about Huey Long who was a very colorful Louisiana politician who had hopes of running for the presidency in 1936. He began as an unschooled farm boy and ended up in the governor's mansion. Long was born in the central part of Louisiana, and when he first campaigned for governor, he was given some advice about the voters in the New Orleans area. "South Louisiana is different from the northern part of the state," he was told. "We have a lot of Catholic voters down here."

Long nodded knowingly and went out to make his speech. It began, "When I was a boy, I'd get up at six every Sunday morning, hitch our old horse up to the buggy, and take my Catholic grandparents to mass. I'd bring them home and then take my Baptist grandparents to church."

The speech was a rousing success. Afterward, a New Orleans political boss said, "Huey, you've been holding out on us. We didn't know you had Catholic grandparents."

Huey looked at him slyly and said, "We didn't even have a horse."

Nobody likes to be mislead. We don't like to be mislead by family members, by friends, and especially by politicians. Around the banquet table of God, however, no one will be misled. All will be invited. People like you and I will be invited. Those of us who have really messed up in life will also be invited to participate in God's gracious love and forgiveness.

The good news is... God invites all of us.