We are indispensable, says St. Paul, BUT WE ARE ALSO DIFFERENT. A nose and a mouth are different. Both are indispensable, but they are different. They have different functions, different gifts to bring to the body. So it is with Christ's body. Some of us are strong at some things; others are strong at others. It would be a mistake to try to be something we are not. That would violate God's plan for our life.

According to news reports during one of the past Olympics, one of the most popular places in the Olympic Village was the bowling alley. Interestingly enough, Olympic athletes weren't that good at bowling. One source reports that in more than a half-hour of viewing, she didn't see one strike bowled. Just because you have strengths in one area, doesn't mean you have strengths in others.

Our call is to use our strengths to build up God’s kingdom.