There is a resort where hot springs and cold springs are side by side. The locals washed clothes in the hot spring and then rinsed them in the cold. A tourist, watching the procedure, said to one of the locals, "How bountiful of nature to supply these springs." "Not so bountiful," said the resident. "You'll notice there's no soap." What about the blessing of of a hot and a cold spring?

A new pastor was full of enthusiasm on his first Sunday. He mentioned the thrill of accepting the call of the congregation, particularly since it had been a unanimous vote. After the service, the Chair of the Pastor Nominating Committee said, "I told you it was NEARLY a unanimous vote. I never actually said it was unanimous." The pastor asked, "What do you mean, nearly unanimous." The Chair explained that it was practically a unanimous vote. The Pastor questioned further, "What was the vote?" The Chair answered, "It was 96 to 2."

That first year the young pastor used most of his energy determining who those two people were. When he figured it out, he invested most of his second year wooing them to become his supporters. At the end of the second year the congregation voted on whether to renew the contract with the pastor. The vote was 2 in favor, 96 against.

Are you thankful for God's blessings and gifts? And do we used those blessings and gifts to share God's love to everyone we can?